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 CONGRATULATIONS to the Nuckolls family on Mr. CB Nuckolls being inducted into the Kentucky Civil Rights HALL of FAME who served over 40 years as Principal of BTWS!  Proud of his family including his brother,his wife and pictured here with his granddaughter-Tonya Nuckolls Smith​, her husband-Nick, and child! :)








   Join the BTWS Mural Ribbon Cutting

And More!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 5:30p

at Ashland Depot (Transportation Center)

99 15th Street in Ashland, KY

Hosted by Ashland In Motion

Free and All are Welcome!!

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Community Murals

(Note, Money has been raised for the BTWS Mural!  There is Still One Church and Tribute Mural to raise funds for when finish painting BTWS Mural which was a separate project!! Scroll down below.)


 by Tri-State Artist,

J E R R Y   J O H N S O N

“I like to preserve the history. I want our kids to grow up and

see this is where we come from.”  

The Murals are to be painted on the flood walls at Ashland's Riverfront, costing approximately $22,000 but will be divided into two different projects

I. BTWS Mural Project 

The first mural will be of the Booker T. Washington School (BTWS) and faculty of 1946. The Booker T. Washington School (BTWS) (1874-1962 ) was the segregated African-American ("Colored") school that existed in Ashland before mandated integration. The mural will feature full-time curriculum faculty in 1946, the principal, C. B. Nuckolls and the school building built in 1903 on Central Ave. The school initially served 1st-8th grades, then progressed to a 2-year high school and eventually a 4-year high school.


(Updated Design above-final update will be as part of artist discretion.)

Photo Below: Waymark on Central Avenue where the historic BTWS was located.


Photo Below: Booker T. Washington  (April 5, 1856-November 14, 1915)

     The school was named after Booker Taliaferro Washington, a former slave, educator, author, leader and more who founded the renowned Tuskegee Institute. He also had a major influence on southern race relations and was the dominant figure in black public affairs from 1895 until his death in 1915. He said, "I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed."  Washington encouraged wealthy benefactors and directed millions of their money to projects all across the South that Washington thought best reflected his self-help philosophy and funded many educational programs. He helped to raise nearly $2 million in a campaign to build the Tuskegee Institute that he founded! Surely if he could do that as a former slave, we can raise 1% of that now to commemorate this historic school named after such a distinguished American and even unshelve another mural project also!


BTWS Mural Chairpersons:

 Dan Mahan, History Associate Professor, Ashland Community Technical College (ACTC)

Brenda Martin, Pres. United Communities to Advance our Neighborhoods, Inc (UCAN) 

Al Baker, Cultural Diversity Director, Ashland Community and Technical College (ACTC) 

We are especially grateful for DAN MAHAN and his vast leadership and passion on this endeavor!  We wish him the utmost happiness in his retirement from ACTC!

Other committee members include: Mayor Chuck Charles-, Mayor-Elect Steve Gilmore, Educators: Bernice Henry & Eliza Lee, We have also partnered with

Ashland in Motion.


 If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact one of the chairpersons. Also your input on the updated mural design is welcome until design agreed upon 9/19/16.  If you have or know someone who might have more details, photos, names, dates, artifacts, etc related to the BTW School, please contact Brenda and we will try to incorporate what we can in by products of this celebration!


1     10      20      30      40      50      60      70      80      90      100% of $BTWS Mural goal

 Nearly 150% of BTWS Mural raised as of June 12, 2017!

READ Daily Independent Article May 17, 2017

ASHLAND Don Campbell says the first time he learned of the Booker T. Washington School mural came from a recent newspaper article.

READ Daily Independent Article May 12, 2017


Thanks to Peoples' Bank for $2,000 Donation!!!


Dan Muhan-ACTC, Alyssa Coleman-Peoples' Bank, Al Baker-ACTC, Bren Martin, UCAN, Jerry Johnson-Muralist


Please write your tax-deductible check

or money order for BTWS Mural out to:

          "Ashland In Motion/BTWS Mural"
1509 Winchester Avenue
Ashland, KY 41101
For more questions, call Mrs. Martin: 606-571-0917.

Thanks to Ashland In Motion, a 501(c)(3),

for managing the donations for the BTWS Mural! They will also send you a receipt.

Please indicate if your donations are anonymous,

otherwise they might be advertised in the news, on social media, websites, etc. 

Visit our Facebook page

 Note: In the event more money is raised for a mural, than needed, the extra will go toward the other mural(s) if unfinished or to the general fund for UCAN scholarships, workshops, etc. 


We will soon start Raising funds for this separate project next!!! Contact Brenda Martin if you are interested in serving on this committee!



As sufficient funding is earned or donated, another "separate" mural will be of "historical" cultural churches in the Ashland area that are over 100 years old*:

  • New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, (upper right)
  • Johnson Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, (upper left)
  • Christ Temple Pentecostal Apostolic Church, (lower right)
  • St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church (lower left) and
  • St. John Methodist Episcopal Church in Greenup (center)  

Along with a tribute portrait to Bishop Thomas. A third wall will contain a tribute to diversity by students; smaller ads for larger donations.. See below* for details.

We still Need FUND$$!  Thanks to the City of Ashland for preparing the walls

UCAN, Inc. purchased the needed projector which was several hundred dollars!

The CHURCH MURAL will be Dedicated to the 


who pastored CHRIST TEMPLE Church over 51 years. 

"My husband would be honored about having the church mural dedicated to him." Margaret Thomas

(Click here for more about the contributions of this great family & community man!)

                                                                    Suffragan Bishop Elzy H. Thomas

Bishop Thomas and his church hosted some of our fundraisers and attended BTW School for 12 years which was close to his heart. “Young children hear their parents and grandparents tell stories about the school but often don’t know what it looked like. The mural will help to change that.”  Suffragan Bishop Elzy Thomas, Christ Temple Church (January 2, 1932-July 6, 2013)

 Please write your check

or money order for Church Mural to:

Details to be provided! 

 (Please also write: "Receipt" if you want one mailed, otherwise only donations for $250 or more will receive a receipt and other appropriate forms.)


1     10      20      30      40      50      60      70      80      90      100% of $Church Mural goal


*Note, we have extra offerings for Silver,  Gold & Diamond Donors for the "Church Mural" only:
     Silver: $500-999 | Have your name or business's name painted on the wall

     Gold : $1000 & over |Have your name or business's name plus a picture of an item/person on this historical wall!  We approve the painting/photo to be used based upon such factors as content and space.

Diamond: $1500  Have your cultural church added to separate small mural even though it is under 100 years old, as space permits. 

*We still have approximately 90% to raise, however, if we should raise more than our goal from this effort, the surplus will be applied to scholarships, workshops and/or other UCAN activities. $$$ Other Fund raising or project Ideas are Welcome! $$$

Thank you for your interest and support!

"This project epitomizes what it means to be a part of a progressive area that cares about all of its citizens, heritage and artistic expression." Brenda Martin

Note: In the event more money is raised for a mural, than needed, the extra will go toward the other mural(s) if unfinished or to the general fund for UCAN scholarships, workshops, etc.


News Article: "Work On New Flood Wall Murals to Start"

By  | 

ASHLAND, Ky. (AP) - Community groups in Ashland are raising money to celebrate black history by having an area artist paint two murals on the city's floodwall.

The groups organized fundraisers on Saturday at Christ Temple Church.

The murals were first proposed in October, but so far fundraising has been stalled.

One mural would depict Booker T. Washington School, an all-black school that existed in Ashland before mandated integration. The other mural would show several historic black churches in the area. The cost of painting the murals is estimated at $20,000. The murals will be painted by artist Jerry Johnson of Flatwoods.

End of Mural Information



OPERATION Unite: Supporting other Community Agencies


Click here For More Local Information.

Contact them if you would like to be a driver or to make donations.


Highlands Museum


  "All are Called to Serve!"

Community Kitchen

Needs servers Monday-Friday 11:30-12:30

New Location 2516 Carter Avenue
Ashland, KY 41101-7553
(606) 325-8144

(Call for dinner hours also.)

Click here to Sign-up online to Volunteer.


Helping Hands of Greenup County

Read story from Daily Independent

What: Community Volunteer Work Available at
Where: Helping Hands Office, Food Pantry, and Thrift Store
               412 Main Street, Downtown Greenup
How:  Community members will be cleaning and organizing Helping Hands to make it more efficient and functional.

If you need more information about Helping Hands or any of our volunteer opportunities please call 606.473.6916, email info@helpinghandsofgreenup.com, or stop by the office 412 Main Street, Downtown Greenup. Find them on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/helpinghandsofgreenup


 Make plans to visit the new Home to 4H:  Greenup County

Extension Education Facility


Free Webinars and other Information re: Individuals  with Intellectual Disabilities

The American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) is hosting its best practices webinars based on Intellectual Disability: Definition, Classification, and Systems of Supports, and more.     

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