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List of various Summer Camps by organizations

in Kentucky, West Virginia & Ohio:



Awesome, Inc. U - Kids Code Camp - #WeekOfCode

Instead of your kids spending their free time playing apps, what if they spent it learning to write them? This camp for middle and high school students will teach the fundamentals of coding. Students will create websites, mobile apps, and learn to design video games all while having fun with our energetic team. By the end of the week, each student will have built at least one webpage, mobile app, and video game using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android, and Unity 3D. We keep this camp small to ensure everyone gets very focused attention and learns at their own pace. Prepare to be amazed!

Type of Camp: Day
Ages: 11 - 16
Dates: June 5 - 8; June 19 - 22; July 10 - 13; and August 7 - 10
Hours: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.



TEAM KRL at Marshall Univ in Huntington, WVImage may contain: 1 person, text

Ashland Community and Technical College

Youth Summer Camps 




For Kindergarten-6th Grade



NOTE: UCAN is not sponsoring a summer camp this year.

Future consideration- See below.

Let us know if you would be interested in this camp or what you would like to see

in the Ashland-Russell area.


UCAN'S Tentative

Green Scene &

Enterprise Day Camp

For 2nd-12th graders in July!


 Join in for 5 days of

  • zumba and pilates
  • community gardening
  • green enterprise*
Some Days:
  • Preparing a Meal
  • Brainstorming with community leaders and share ideas on ways to make our community greener and safer. These ideas will be shared with the appropriate organizations and we will adopt some for our own action. 
  • Write our Legislators
  • We will take flowers to nursing homes and share vegetables with families signed up to receive them.

(If sufficient chaperones are available, we hope to have a field trip to explore "green" industry at work.)  Opportunities for eco-drama will also be possible.

*In addition, middle and high schoolers  will create a business plan on a green enterprise as chosen by their subgroups.

The last day will contain a healthy luncheon with Tasty Treats!


Tentatively, Dates Tbd  M-F 9:00 am-2:00pm in Ashland-Russell, Ky  (Tri-State).  More details to be posted as sponsors and interest are confirmed.  Campers will be divided into three groups: I-2nd-5th; II- 6th-8th; III-9th-12th grades.  High School/College Volunteers are welcome!  Bring a sack lunch and snack.

If you are interested in this camp, please email ucanhelp@windstream.net

 CAMP Green Scene Registration

Child’s Name_________________________________Fall Grade Level _________    Gender   M  /  F 
Date of Birth ________________________________ Parent’s Name ___________________________________

Street Address _______________________________City State Zip    __________________________________
Email Address _______________________________ Day Phone (      )   ________________________________
Evening Phone (       ) ____________ _____________ School Child Attends _____________________________

Special Needs ________________________________ Allergies  _______________________________________

Make $89.00 check payable to "UCAN, Inc.".  Send check and completed form(s) to:
UCAN, INC.,  P. O. Box 104, Russell, KY  41169-0104 .  Or Call Brenda at (606)571-0917 to arrange for possible check pick-up at your school.
Total Payment Enclosed: $_____________   Check # _______ (Payable to UCAN, Inc.  Please do not send Cash. $30 fee for returned unpaid checks and discontinuance of child's attendance unless immediately resolved.)

Insufficient campers can cause camp to be canceled, at which time, registration fees will be returned by UCAN, Inc.


Last CAMP REVAMP ACTIVITIES will tentatively Include:

Taking apart and Rebuilding/Revamping Computers; Learning Computer Graphics & GAMES; Building Internet Cable; and a Battery; Budgeting; AutoCad Drafting; Learning Safety in Welding; Placing Photo on Mouse Pad, Using PowerPoint, Excel Spreadsheets and MORE! Campers will be divided into two groups: 1st-4th graders and 5th-9th graders.  A small field trip will be planned to Louisville and Frankfort, if there's sufficient interest and chaperones.  This camp includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and lots of fun activities!  Lunch Included! (Bring your snacks.) Open to all* entering 1st-9th grades at all schools.  Boys and Girls** are encouraged to participate.  *Space is limited and is First Come First Served!  Register SOON!  **See tips below for encouraging girls in STEM also.


Let us know topics that might interest your child by clicking here for ideas.

Or email them to ucanhelp@windstream.net; Subject: "UCAN Camp "




A Fun Computer & Technology Day Camp


9:00 am - 2:00 pm*
*(Please arrive 1/2 hour early on first day to sign release forms, etc and tour the facility.  Field trip might require extended day. Details will be shared.  Parents Open House is Fri. 1:30pm.)


United Communities to Advance our Neighborhoods, Inc. (UCAN)                                    


Was Co-sponsored by RATC



CAMP DIRECTOR:                                                                                
Brenda Martin                                                                                            

For more information or to sponsor a child, Email: bdrumartin@hotmail.com or call (606)571-0917.
Register by mail by May 14th and attend camp for $85! This includes safety goggles!
  Siblings of 3+ can participate at $70 each.
Registrations during May 15-May 28, will be $85.00.  Registrations after May 28th will be $95.00.    Please complete, clip and return a registration form below per camper.  (You CAN Copy this form.)

 CAMP REVAMP Registration

Child’s Name______________________________________Fall 2012 Grade Level _______    Gender   M  /  F 
Date of Birth ______________________________________ Parent’s Name_____________________________

Street Address _____________________________________City State Zip    ____________________________
Email Address _____________________________________Day Phone (  )   ____________________________
Evening Phone (        ) ______________________________ School Child Attends ________________________

Special Needs _____________________________________ Allergies  __________________________________ 

Make check payable to "UCAN, Inc.".  Send check and completed form(s) to:
UCAN, INC.,  P. O. Box 104, Russell, KY  41169-0104 .  Or Call Brenda at (606)571-0917 to arrange for possible check pick-up at your school.
Total Payment Enclosed: $_____________   Check # _______ (Payable to UCAN, Inc.  Please do not send Cash. $30 fee for returned unpaid checks.)

Insufficient campers can cause camp to be canceled, at which time, registration fees will be returned by UCAN, Inc.
Also, call RATC at (606) 836-1256 to learn about other camps as available.


  Dr. Hayley Haugen registered their son, Jack, for Camp!







News  and TV Coverage

 Real-world science

Youths attend Camp Revamp at Russell Area Technology Center

The Independent


Students at Camp Revamp watch a plasma welder cut out a license plate that they had designed in a welding/drafting session of Camp Revamp, at Russell Area Technology Center, Tuesday. Kevin Goldy/The Independent (Click for larger image)

Leah Motimaya,10, holds up the license plate she designed showing instructor Bill Runyon the results from a computer controlled plasma welder. Kevin Goldy/The Independent (Click for larger image)

Zach Klinger, wears his saftey glasses while at Camp Revamp watching a plasma welder cut out a license plate. Kevin Goldy/The Independent (Click for larger image)

 RUSSELL A shower of sparks cascaded to the floor under the white-hot flame of the robotic cutting torch.

Perched behind a yellow safety line, a gaggle of goggled youths watched the cutter.

Like a giant Etch-A-Sketch, it burned a precise path through a sheet of heavy-gauge steel, cutting out a license plate shaped plaque with Zach Klingler’s name on it.

“We’re learning how the plasma cutter works,” said Klingler, who will be in eighth grade this fall. “It’s science and engineering ... science rocks.”

Klingler and the other children had designed the words they wanted burned onto the plates on a dingy but a powerful computer mounted beside the cutter did the work. In so doing, they were combining disciplines that are ubiquitous in the work world, said Shawn Parsons, a computer aided design instructor at the Russell Area Technology Center.

“Computers and robots are everywhere we look now,” Parsons said. “A lot of these kids are math and science students. They’re getting to see some of the real-world applications of what they’ve learned.”

The children in the shop Tuesday were among 21 who signed up for a science-oriented day camp called Camp Revamp at the center. For the rest of the week they will be taking apart and reassembling computers, learning graphics and games, and using software such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

“We want to get the kids excited about technology and how it all goes together,” camp director Brenda Martin said.

Computers are so integral to daily life that children need some familiarity with their inner workings, she said. That way, they won’t be intimidated when a system crashes or a component malfunctions.

“They will develop an early confidence in technology,” Martin said.

The camp drew children in two age brackets: kindergarten through fourth grade and fifth through eighth grades.

The younger ones, who got their chance with the plasma cutter later in the afternoon, spent the morning discussing finance and designing PowerPoint presentations, said Keri Renfroe, an office technology instructor.

“What really amazes us is that they know so much more about technology than we give them credit for,” Renfroe said.

Even the kindergartners can manipulate PowerPoint without prompting, she said.
It also keeps their minds sharp during the summer doldrums. “It keeps them focused on education.”

The camp is sponsored by the Northeastern Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (www.nekage.webs.com) and United Communities to Advance our Neighborhoods (www.ucanchange.webs.com).

MIKE JAMES can be reached at mjames@dailyindependent.com or at (606) 326-2652.

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Technology Camp Attracts Some Bright Young Students

Started as Imagine Class, then After School Club


**SciGirls Excerpt

Tips for Encouraging Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

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SciGirls is designed to spark girls' curiosity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through activities that promote knowledge and discovery. Our program—including the TV show, website and educational outreach—is all about hands-on science inquiry. Participants learn the scientific process, work collaboratively to investigate meaningful questions and see how STEM helps people solve problems, achieve goals and help others.

How can you help?

Supporting girls in basic ways offers a great foundation for their science success:

  • Encourage Questions

    Encourage girls' natural curiosity about the world. Scientists are professional question askers. Let her know that it's perfectly acceptable to not have all the answers, and encourage her to explore and discover!

  • Offer a STEM-friendly Home

    Science happens everywhere. Gardening, auto mechanics, construction, cooking and plumbing all use STEM skills. Encourage safe experimentation and discovery in the kitchen and backyard, where she can practice predicting, measuring, observing and analyzing. Offer basic supplies, Internet access, a library card and a space where she can get a little messy.

  • Provide School Smarts

    With the growing importance of science and technological literacy, it is important to strengthen girls' engagement, interest and confidence in middle school. Once in high school, girls will make choices that will either open or close doors to continued STEM studies and eventual careers in the field. Help them make educational choices and see the connections between science and math classes and future career options. Start early!

  • Help Girls Access Opportunities

    Great science learning happens outside the classroom as well. In addition to programs such as SciGirls, learning opportunities for kids can be found at science museums, zoos, scouting organizations and STEM clubs during afterschool hours, weekends and summer breaks. These programs often provide girls with introductions to working female mentors, who can help girls navigate the course of becoming a scientist.

  • Talk the Talk

    Talk to girls in your life about math and science. Ask them about what they are learning in school. Encourage them to share their struggles and their successes!


Science has a lot to offer young people:

  • Careers

    Science, technology, engineering and mathematics, also known as STEM, are important fields for the future. Jobs in these areas offer higher than average salaries, and employment in science and engineering occupations are expected to increase much faster than the overall growth rate for occupations. In other words, STEM is where the good jobs are!

  • Life Skills

    At the most basic level, scientists and engineers attempt to find out how things work. The scientific process and engineering design process offer a framework for understanding important ideas, big and small. In addition, while using the scientific process, young people learn how to plan, cooperate, communicate, problem solve, and apply their creativity.

  • Science Literacy

    In today's fast-moving, tech-driven, global economy, it's important for everyone to have basic scientific knowledge that serves as a foundation for a lifetime of learning and informed decision making. Even if a girl chooses to go into another field, a background in STEM will serve her well in the future.

  • Springboard for Opportunities

    New technologies are being invented everyday; it's impossible to anticipate what inventions may drive our culture in the next five or ten years. A background rich in science and mathematics makes for flexible, logical minds, and increases the capacity for youth to continue learning.

  • Fun Times!

    Science isn't just serious business. While pursuing interests in STEM, young people can try new things, meet engaging people and go interesting places.

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