United Communities to Advance our Neighborhoods, (UCAN) Inc.

"YOU CAN Change the World!"


UCAN, Inc. recognizes that it is not always easy to enhance our skills in our already pre-committed and complex lives.  We hope to simplify this challenge for you through mini-workshops that help to motivate and educate but not drain your time or your wallet.  To request a workshop, please "contact us".  

Advanced Employability Skills: Honed for the experienced persons who want to take their resumes and interviewing skills to the next level.  These require more rigorous questioning and thorough review of details.  Mock interviews are more confrontational.  Group Luncheon interviews can also be arranged. This level of preparation helps to unlock your competitive edge, giving you the attitude that often precedes victory.

Budgeting Creatively & Financial Management Learn to track your spending patterns and plan effective usage of your finances.  Practice calculating best buys, researching light investments and tracking stocks. Gather ideas for reducing credit card debt. Learn to create a financial plan to get what you want.

College Planning and Prep: 

  • Compile meaningful information. 
  • Practice writing essays for college entry. 
  • Assess potential weak points and develop a plan to strengthen.
  • Practice sample ACT questions and discuss SAT.  
  • Review potential scholarship or grant sources.   
  • It's never too late High School and GED graduates are welcome!  

Customized Workshop:  We can discuss creating a workshop that better suits your needs and engages participants as they are comfortable.

Diversity TrainingFacilitate training to discuss racial, cultural, gender and age stereotypes, including their damages and hidden usage.  "Discuss"  differences in such concepts as racism, institutional racism, discrimination, prejudice & bias.  Our goal is to set the stage for increasing tolerance and sensitivity  to prevent discrimination and gender harassment.  Explore examples of law cases resulting from discrimination and gender harassment violations in the workplace.

Education Advocacy:

  • Advocacy Techniques
  • Optional Education Issues:
  • Early Education
  • Graduation Rate
  • Special Education - 504 Plan
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Gifted Education
  • More to be Tailored to your Event

Enhancing Parenting Skills:

  • Helping kids with homework
  • Communicating positively with children
  • Recognizing, nurturing, accentuating their gifts
  • Facing consequences
  • Making more responsible choices
  • Nutritional Guides and Menus
  • Setting Family Goals
  • Advocating for your child

Introduction to Computers, Internet & Word Processing:  Learn a new world the easy and comfortable way, that will allow you to send a letter to the grandchildren without having to mail one or pay for a long distance call!  Learn how you can access computers even if you do not have your own or your own internet provider!  Also learn how you might be able to obtain a computer!

Marriage: "Til Death do we Part" Dinner & Workshops  Focuses on how to better blend family demands with work demands as well as soccer practice, piano lessons, and more!  We also deal with the tough subjects of dealing with temptation  Here we also stress the importance of monogamy and the effect of divorce on the family in our culture and startling statistics.

News articles state that "boredom" is often a contributing factor of adultery in marriages. We will share or exchange ideas on how to keep romance and nuance in our marriages.  Discussions of beauty and appeal will be explored!  The couples workshops are best surrounding romantic candlelight dinners.   The 'married women only', which could include pampering sessions such as manicures, pedicures, candle therapy, massages and more!  Great for retreats, Mother's day & more.

Parent Leadership Development:  Learn about key reports useful in learning what's going on at your school, how that school is performing, as well as better interpreting data that can be overwhelming.  Learn about NAEP, NCLB, Common Core Standards, Teacher Assessment and more.  Learn how to hone in on your power as a parent to make a greater difference in your child/youth's education.  Review legislation that impacts your school and child's education.

Practical Nutrition:  Showing practical and reasonable efforts that can make a difference in what  and how we choose to eat.  This workshop seeks to illustrate the abundance of sodium, saturated fat and sugar that is in many of our common selections and illustrate its effect on the body.  Participants will also practice interpreting some of the labels and food nutritional facts.  Alternative eating styles and recipes will also be shared, that don't sacrifice substance or flavor including ideas for diabeticsHealthy lunch can be included.

ReEntry Skills:  We offer a series of workshops to help those reentering the job market or even reentering society.  Such workshops include, Resume Writing; Interviewing Skills; Mock Interviews; "Dressing for your Goals"; Job Search Skills; Career Opportunities; and more.  We offer our workshops in college settings, churches, at prisons.  We can help job applicants pull from their experience to categorize skills that are valued in the marketplace. 

Senior Citizens Workshops

  1. Introduction to Computer, Internet &/or Word Processing Workshops:  Seniors can learn the basics in computer, internet surfing, and emailing.  This can be taught by youth or adult volunteers.   Many people are not comfortable in front of a computer, don't know where to start and are embarrassed to ask how.   Learn a new world the easy and comfortable way, that will allow you to send a letter to the grandchildren! 
  2. Visitation by Youth:  Youth visits will be arranged to provide companionship, songs and games.  They will also write letters for them, as some Sr. citizens have a hard time holding a pen.  Youth will also read to them, as some can't read the small print in many books.
  3. Program Awareness:  We will help to educate seniors on services for which they might qualify. 
  4. Application Completion:  Some Senior citizens qualify for various programming, but need assistance in reading and completing the paperwork required to receive that assistance.  Youth or other volunteers can assist.  
  5. Service Needs and Provider Matching:  Workshop to help elderly to match in-home needs they have with potential family members, college students, or others who can provide those services while receiving pay.  (Senior Citizens are typically 65 years blessed and up.)

 Small Claims Court:  This workshop steps beginners through the process of using the small claims court and preparing for an optimal presentation of the issues. We introduce you to the phases that sometimes lay between judgment and collecting judgment.

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