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Arts & Social Studies

Sojourner Truth Workshop Series


                                   Sojourner Truth

                                   (Isabella Baumfree)

                                    'Ain't I a Woman"


(Click here to see Evolution of selected 

African-American Women including Sojourner,

set to Lauryn Hill music)


     Sojourner Truth's, "Ain't I a woman", implores a startling rendition when Brenda Martin takes the wit and pain of  a woman suffrage fighter who made her life a journey of speaking and seeking more truth. At the time Sojourner gave this speech at a women's conference in Ohio in the 1800's, she had not yet voiced her call to preach.  As an unwanted speaker, Sojourner earned a standing ovation from her dramatic impromptu oratory.  She poured out her heart and scored a major victory for women's rights and for the rights of African-Americans (then referred to as "Negroes" or worse.) Longer performances can be arranged doing characters such as Brenda's fictitious, Bessie Rose.

     This performance can be infused with workshops that teach students dramatization and other key concepts in writing, acting and filming.  Students can engage in  researching and developing a character, applying some of the concepts taught involving mirroring, voice projection, gestures, overall stage presence, costuming, and more to present their own show!

     This curriculum addresses four basic domains of learning*: 

  • Psychomotor--developing perceptual and expressive skills and techniques;
  • Cognitive--assimilating knowledge and developing higher order thinking skills;
  • Affective--cultivating positive attitudes towards art  as it relate to themselves and other cultures; and 
  • Aesthetic--deriving pleasure from a combination of senses, emotions, intellect, philosophy, imagination and spirit. 
   In addition, this workshop is structured to allow maximum interfacing with other line items of  the social studies curriculum to create a whole learning approach*.

     These workshops can be tailored for kindergarten through high school students.  Older students can also produce videos of their drama and evaluate performances. To request a workshop, Contact Us.

*(Extracted from the Goals 2000 National Standard for Arts Education via the Lower Drama School Curriculum.)