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Cultural Workshops and Speaker

“Community cannot for long feed on itself; it can only flourish with the coming of others from beyond, their unknown and undiscovered brothers."  Howard Thurman

American/Black History:  We provide adaptable workshops and presentations all year round related to Black History:  We can provide applicable lectures on inventors, scientists, politicians or famous personalities. We can also assist your organization in developing creative skits, even with relatively small groups.

Brenda Martin as "Bessie Rose":  This is a fictitious 100 year old whose life events and tales reflect true historical events. Click here, "Bessie Rose for details and opportunities for dramatic expression".

Cultural Diversity Training Facilitate training to discuss racial, cultural, gender and age stereotypes, including their damages and hidden usage.  "Discuss"  differences in such concepts as racism, institutional racism, discrimination, prejudice & bias.  We will set the stage to increase  tolerance and sensitivity that helps to prevent discrimination and gender harassment.  We will explore examples of law cases resulting from discrimination and gender harassment violations in the schools and workplace.

KwanzaaGenerally celebrated the day after Christmas through New Years and celebrates seven principles from unity through faith.  The beautifully decorated tables reflect examples supporting explanations of the symbols of Kwanzaa.  We especially relate examples of these values to all age groups.  These workshops can be one half hour once or one hour/day for a week after school or summer course with crafts and a Karamu which is a feast celebrating the last day of Kwanzaa with ethnic foods, music, family and friends of all cultures.  Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday and can be celebrated by all, any time and many times. For more, read Brenda's blog, "DebateandSwitch.wordpress.com".

Motivational/Keynote Speaker: Brenda has shared as keynote speaker, poet, storyteller and workshop facilitator for churches, colleges, correctional facilities, civic and advocacy groups in the Tri-State, Chicago, Houston, Washington DC, Louisville, etc. including events such as the National Emerging Minority Leadership Conference*, National Black Family Conference, Kentucky PTA State Convention; NAACP Dr. King Celebration; Honoring Small Businesses; Women's Day church services; Missionary programs and more. She has performed and hosted shows at the theater, schools and Tri-State Television.  Click here for more information about this speaker.  UCAN also can find other speakers for your events. 

Poetry and Other Dramatizations:  Brenda provides other portrayals at your request such as Harriet Tubman,  poetry by Maya Angelou and others.  She also dramatically shares her original poetry, as well as provide other poets.

Sojourner Truth's, "Ain't I a woman":  This performance can be fused into workshops that teach students dramatization and other key concepts in acting.  Students can engage in selecting a character, applying some of the concepts taught and present their own show.  Click here, "Sojourner Truth details."

To request a workshop or speaker, please "contact us".