United Communities to Advance our Neighborhoods, (UCAN) Inc.

"YOU CAN Change the World!"

Services, Donations & Memberships 

     UCAN, Inc. is a community organization offering workshops to youth in helping with communication skills, celibacy, drug use prevention, self-esteem building, etiquette skills and more.  We can provide workshops to adults in diversity training, reentry job marketing, parenting, communications, introduction to computers, small claims court and artistic expressions. 

Our workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills, mock interviews, job search skills, dress for success, future opportunities, parenting, self-esteem, Kwanzaa and others have been conducted at colleges, elementary, middle and high schools, prisons, churches and/or homes.  

UCAN, Inc. also offers workshops and services to senior citizens.  We seek to build partnerships and supportive relationships between the youth and elderly.

 “How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.” 

-George Washington Carver



     UCAN Inc. largely offers "pro bono"services.   Some services are offered at negotiated rates depending upon audience, repetition of presentation, travel, and budgeting.  We appreciate those recognizing that community outreach is something in which we all should invest for our youth and their futures.  This yields a high return on our investment (ROI)!

  The Time is Now!


To make a donation*:
  • For General donations: Write your check to: "UCAN"
  • For the BTWS Community Mural: Write your check to:
  • "Ashland in Motion/BTWS Mural" 1509 Winchester Avenue  Ashland, KY 41101
  • For the Church Community Mural: Write your check to:
  •  Details to be providedl
  • Visit Mural page for more details.
II. Mail other checks for UCAN and other information to:

      UCAN, Inc.
      Post Office Box 104
      Russell, Kentucky  41169-0104

III. Please indicate if your donations are anonymous, otherwise they might be advertised in the news, on social media, websites, etc.


   See IRS Tax laws for Tax-deductions.

Mural Donors: We still have large amount to raise for the murals, however, if we should raise more

 than our goal from this effort, the surplus will be applied to the unfinished murals, scholarships, workshops and/or other UCAN activities.


          Click here to contact UCAN, Inc. to request workshops & speakers, to donate to specific projects or optionally Join UCAN, Inc.! Your membership simply provides support for our program offerings.  You do not have to be a local resident to become a member and support planting seeds for positive change in our communities. 

Thank you!