United Communities to Advance our Neighborhoods, (UCAN) Inc.

"YOU CAN Change the World!"


     We seek to inform youth in a variety of areas that embrace the need for development, support, and personalized attention.   We can supplement student's "in school" experience by coming to the school and offering programming that illustrates  key concepts in their curriculum and related topics while giving "hands  on" exposure.  To request a workshop, please "contact us".

To paraphrase Marian Wright Edelman, president Children Defense Fund, "...the overarching challenge for America is to rebuild a sense of community, hope, civility, caring and safety for all our children.  I hope God will guide our feet as parents - and guide America's feet - to reclaim our nation's soul and to give back to all of our children (youth) their sense of security and their ability to dream about and work toward a future that is attainable and hopeful."  (Guide My Feet, 1995)

Workshop Descriptions

Anti-Bullying:  Learn ways for youth and adults to help reduce bullying and cyber-bullying.  Role-playing, buddy system, state laws, internet safety and resources are explored.

Budgeting Creatively & Financial Management Learn to track your spending patterns and plan effective usage of your finances.  Practice calculating best buys, researching light investments and tracking stocks.  Explore traps in credit card usage and calculate interest rates. Learn to create a financial plan to get what you want.

Celibacy Coaching:  Comfortable staging will be set for open dialog about sex and the rights and the wrongs of it.  We can discuss the importance of delaying sexual gratification.  This will not be a "scared straight" approach however, startling statistics will be disclosed.  This requires much finesse in challenging some of the stereotypes that precipitate experimentation and promiscuity in our culture. This topic will be "kept real".  Parental consent is required.

College Planning and Prep: 

  • Compile information meaningfully 
  • Practice writing an essay for college entry
  • Assess potential weak points and develop a plan to strengthen
  • Practice sample ACT questions and discuss SAT.  
  • Review potential scholarship sources. 

This workshop series is available to 6th graders on up.  Early preparation is best!  Every junior should attend this as Seniors can best confront their final year, with this information already solidified.  High School and GED graduates also are welcome and will be in an adult workshop.

Community and Elderly Outreach: Youth are encouraged to volunteer in the community.  We seek to build a team of students to also use team work  to build coalitions with the elderly. We will aid the students in developing and using their organizing skills to arrange trips to nursing homes, prepare cards - using their creative expression and/or computer savvy.  Youth can write for and read to senior citizens, assist with computer services and more.  Many service projects are possible.

Community Garden:  Submit your ideas for growing a community garden.  This can help to provide food that can be shared with families in need as well as beautify the area. UCAN will contribute $50.00 to at least one project to help to get it started. 

Customized Workshop:  We can discuss creating a workshop that better suits the needs of your target audience and engage them in an interactive manner.

Diversity Training: Facilitate training to discuss racial, cultural, gender and age stereotypes, their damages and hidden usage.  "Discuss"  differences in such concepts as racism, institutional racism, discrimination, prejudice & bias.  Set stage for increasing tolerance and sensitivity to prevent discrimination and gender harassment.  Review examples of such offenses in schools, in sports events and in the workplace.

Dramatic Expression:  Youth receive opportunities to learn through drama, develop acting and production skills while creating own shows.  See Cultural Workshops for more details.

Drug Use Prevention and Education (DUPE):  We believe one of the important weapons we have against teens experimenting and abusing drugs is for them to be educated about their dangers as well as potential ways people try to get them to try drugs.  The longer workshops will allow for short movies to be shown, followed by discussions on how those situations presented in the skits can be handled.  We also personalize the discussions to explore how the group participants have confronted similar situations.

Emotions Management Learn and practice techniques to manage your emotions.  Don't let feelings control your actions.  Take actions that can positively direct your feelings.  Your behavior and character can keep you in charge of your destiny.

Entrepreneurial Skills: Learn the fundamentals in writing a business plan, marketing ideas and networking.  This workshop can parlay into an ongoing venture where we allow the students to create their own store and manage it.  This would help them to incorporate math skills with business, public speaking, and artistic expression.

Etiquette Skills & Networking:  This is a fun laced workshop helping youth to prepare for the proms and interview lunches and just gracious living!  We will discuss the etiquette in dining, expressing concerns positively to host, waitress and one another as well as meeting etiquette, networking, being an overnight guest, emails, fads, "Facebook, Myspace & Youtube" concerns, RSVPs, writing thank you notes, etc.  This workshop will also involve lunch or dinner depending upon the time selected. 

Health Fun Fair:  We'll setup various booths with health information along with some exhibits to illustrate what we're putting into our bodies with some of our excessive food choices.  Fun exhibits will also be included.  Health professionals are invited to do special screenings or Health-related career presentations.  Activities will also be available relating to nutrition and health care.

Job Search Preparation: Learn the basics in resume writing, interviewing skills, researching companies.  This can be as an overview workshop or is broken down into individual workshops allowing more detail, mock interviews and more.  More advanced employability skills are honed for the experienced persons who want to take their resumes and interviewing skills to the next level.  These require more questioning and thorough review of details of projects or prior jobs.

Leadership Training & Luncheon: Youth will learn basic leadership styles and the style most suitable for them and more effective to various problem types.  The group will also look at other roles in groups and how good leaders encourages input from each member, provides positive feedback and convert negativity into positive force.  Teams will participate in role playing and solution building regarding conflicts and challenges. Students will be given guidelines on organizing,  initiating programs and planning a project, including writing vision and mission statements.   Lunch is included.

Practical Nutrition:  Showing practical and reasonable efforts that can make a difference in what  and how we choose to eat.  This workshop seeks to illustrate the abundance of sodium, saturated fat and sugar that is in many of our common selections and illustrate its effect on the body.  Participants will also practice interpreting some of the labels and food nutritional facts.  Alternative eating styles and recipes will also be shared, that don't sacrifice substance or flavor.  Healthy lunch can be included.

Presentation Skills:  Focuses on basics in making presentations dealing with their purposes, structure, content style, voice projection and increasing effectiveness.  In the extended workshop, we can also videotape presentations and critique along with students and make suggestions for improvement.

Self-Esteem:  Learn why and when students start losing their self-esteem.  We will delve into how we can contribute to the building of this important attribute.  Students will learn ways to give and take criticism constructively.

Tutoring:  We can provide tutoring to students especially in core subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.  Also we can help to match qualified students who can tutor other students.  We can also simply chaperone groups who need to do homework while waiting for extracurricular activities without traveling home and back, especially if no one will be there.